DJ Nola @ House Proud November 4th!



Widely known and admired throughout the Duluth & Minneapolis scene, focusing mainly on her passion for spinning rare disco/funk and deep house- she gains respect from her peers & fans alike for her mixing skills, track selection and her vast knowledge of the old school originals that have been a major impact on the sounds of today. When Nola steps on the scene, she really knows how to turn rooms upside down! Her track selections and seamless mixing style will have you on the ride, in no time flat! You’ve seen her all over the state and she’s always been a crowd favorite with all of the heads. We couldn’t be more stoked to welcome this selector to the HP decks to show us all what time it really is! We’re way about this! Prepare those Adidas…cause we’re gonna get werk’d!!

DJ Nola With DISCO DEVILS October 21, 2016!

Special guest for October: DJ Nola!

Nola Wick has been rocking parties with us for about 15yrs now. Warehouse, club, loft, basement, etc, Nola always packs exactly the right records and knows how to work the crowd. She’s a dedicated dance music enthusiast with a deep knowledge of and respect for DJ and club history. Don’t miss it!

Funk, r&b, disco, boogie, hip hop and club jams from the golden age of the 12″ single. Extended dance mixes, dubs and rare imports from some of the deepest crates in the state. All vinyl, all night, like we always do!

Ridiculous visuals by Mach Fox